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J. C. Adams (ed.): Filthy Remarks

J. C. Adams (ed.): Filthy Remarks

444 Sex Quotes. D 2013, 144 pp., brochure, € 14.95
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Bruno Gmünder
Everybody does it. Everybody thinks about it. And, of course, everybody has talked about it. J.C. Adams has put together a veritable encyclopaedia of sex quotes from VIPs of every stripe and color. Madonna, Abraham Lincoln, Groucho Marx and Oscar Wilde might not have much else in common, but they all had something to say about everyone's favorite obsession. In this quotes book you'll find entries in the »Sex and Society« section, in »Sex and Religion«, in »Sex and Men«, in »Sex and Relationships«, in »Sex Throughout History«, in »Sex and Politics«, and in »Sex and Pornography«. All the fun of this is supported by the illustrations of Steffen Kawelke.
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