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Dennis Cooper: The Marbled Swarm

Dennis Cooper: The Marbled Swarm

A Novel. USA 2011, 194 pp., brochure, € 24.95
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Literary cult hero Dennis Cooper delivers his highly anticipated new novel. Written in a voice that is lush and intricate, »The Marbled Swarm« is Dennis Cooper's most accomplished (and most beguiling) work to date. Cooper tells the story of a man who secretly influences his son to commit a grisly act. In secret passageways, hidden rooms, and the troubled mind of our narrator, a mystery perpetually takes shape - and the most compelling clue to its final nature is the marbled swarm itself: a complex amalgam of language passed down from father to son. Cooper, following his collections »Smothered in Hugs« and »Ugly Man«, offers his fans the expansive novel they have been waiting for, one that will become a touchstone of outsider literature.
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