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Pam Ann: Non Stop - Live From New York City

Pam Ann: Non Stop - Live From New York City

UK 2012, OF, 99 min.,  17.99
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Anchor Bay
With her hugely over-done bouffant hair and make-up, Pam Ann harks back to a time when flying was perceived as glamorous – rather than the fetid, cramped hell it has become. Her wit and observations, however, are bang up to date, politically incorrect, and very funny. She characterises British Airways crew as horsey toffs, Air France as aloof wannabe models, and Lufthansa as ruthlessly efficient. She panders to national stereotypes, but the fact remains that it is brilliantly observed, and quite often true. Nor does she spare her native Australians from ridicule, taking broad swipes at Qantas, a carrier which prides itself on never having had a crash. Filthy, foul-mouthed and hilarious, this DVD is probably best avoided by nervous flyers who don't approach each flight with a certain gung-ho, gallows humour attitude.
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