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Merle Miller: On Being Different

Merle Miller: On Being Different

What It Means to Be a Homosexual. USA 2012, 74 pp., brochure,  13.95
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Penguin USA
Originally published in 1971, »On Being Different« is a pioneering and provocative book about being gay in America. Just two years after the Stonewall riots, Miller wrote an essay for The New York Times Magazine, entitled »What It Means to Be a Homosexual«, in response to a homophobic article in Harper's Magazine. Miller's writing, described as »the most widely read and discussed essay of the decade«, along with an afterword chronicling his inspiration and readers' responses, became one of the earliest memoirs to affirm the importance of coming out. This updated edition includes a foreword by Dan Savage and an afterword by Charles Kaiser to highlight the impact of Miller's classic work. Forty years later, the issues Miller raised are still being discussed and argued about.
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