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Naomi Alderman: The Lessons

Naomi Alderman: The Lessons

UK 2011, 279 pp., brochure,  9.30
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Penguin UK
James, always the outsider, enters Oxford - high seat of privilege, wealth and ambition. There he meets Mark Winters who is unbelievably wealthy. He is also gay, dissolute, promiscuous, pitilessly cruel and manipulative. He invites James and other members of the group to live rent-free in the large, rambling house he happens to own. There are untouchable Emmanuella, on-again/off-again Simon and Franny, and passionate, true Jess. The nights, and many of the days, become one long party. Friendships are made, and broken. Lovers swapped, and dropped. It is all beguiling and bewitching. Everything James dreamed of but never quite believed in. But after university they are each cast out into an indifferent world. Free of Mark and his dark influence, they are lost to one another, until one night tragedy strikes.
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