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David Leavitt, Mark Mitchell (eds.): In Maremma

David Leavitt, Mark Mitchell (eds.): In Maremma

Life and a House in Southern Tuscany. USA 2011 (revised, expanded edition), 141 pp. with color photographs, brochure , € 17.95
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In 1997 David Leavitt and Mark Mitchell bought a house in southern Tuscany: not a villa but a dilapidated farmhouse dating from the late 1950s and abandoned for more than 20 years. This book recounts the restoration of the house, as well as the gradual process by which two Americans became initiated into a part of Italy - and a part of Italian life - that foreigners rarely see. Although the Maremma has always been the poorest province of Tuscany, it is also the loveliest and least spoiled: a patchwork of hills, mountains, and seascapes populated by »butteri« (Italian cowboys), wild boar, and farmers with extraordinary »Magna Graecia« names: Teracles, Omero, Ulisse. The authors render all this vividly, and give us a hilarious account of applying for an Italian driver's license. Now available in this 2nd revised and expanded 2011 edition.
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