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Mark Zubro: Black and Blue and Pretty Dead, Too (X)

Mark Zubro: Black and Blue and Pretty Dead, Too (X)

A Paul Turner Mystery. Vol.10. USA 2011, 320 pp., brochure,  16.95
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MLR Press - Paul Turner Mystery 10
In his first appearance since 2007, this gay Chicago detective and father of two teenage sons gets caught in a tangle of intrigue and corruption. A less than respectable Chicago cop is found murdered at an underground gay S/M party amidst a gay leather festival. Detective Paul Turner, plus his police department partner, Buck Fenwick are assigned to the case. The main suspect in the case is the dead cop's brutal partner who is apparently being protected by one or more higher ups. Through a rising tide of danger, Paul and Buck need to find the truth among police corruption and cover-ups. Some top cops and A-list leather queens are among those whose lies and fears drive the web of desperation and deceit that Turner and his partner must unravel.
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