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Geoffrey Knight: The Curse of the Dragon God

Geoffrey Knight: The Curse of the Dragon God

A Gay Adventure. USA 2011, 309 pp., brochure, € 16.95
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The »Eye of Fucanglong« is China's most precious treasure. Known as the Dragon God of lost jewels, this diamond is flawless, priceless, cursed, and about to be stolen in the heist of the century. Can Professor Fathom's team of gay adventure-seekers find the diamond before this perfectly executed crime leads to mass destruction? From the towers of Hong Kong to the diamond mines of Shandong, from the streets of San Francisco to the deserts of Dubai and male strip clubs of Beijing, from China's mystical past to the boardrooms of a modern industrial giant - join the sizzling action and high-octane adventure with hot hunks. The boys are back with muscles, maps, treasures and traps. Continuing the previous »The Riddle of the Sands«.
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