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Neil Plakcy (ed.): The Handsome Prince

Neil Plakcy (ed.): The Handsome Prince

USA 2011, 212 pp., brochure,  13.95
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Cleis - Gay Erotic Romance
This is a bawdy collection of bedtime stories brimming with classic fairy tale characters, reimagined and recast for any man who has dreamt of the day his prince will come. There are white stallions and castles and princes, of course, but also cowboys and auto mechanics and senators. In »The Master«, a walk in the woods leads to an erotic encounter with a mysterious stranger. Hailing a cab results in a wild ride with the »Chauffeur Prince«. Sometimes, the prince is the one who needs rescuing, as in »Creosote Flats and the Big Spread«. The one thing all of these stories have in common, along with the original fairy tales, is a happy ending. Whether it's happily ever after or happy for now, when these guys find their princes, hot steamy sex ensues.
Schwul > Erotica
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