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Shane Allison (ed.): Afternoon Pleasures

Shane Allison (ed.): Afternoon Pleasures

USA 2011, 211 pp., brochure, € 17.95
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Cleis - Erotica for Gay Couples
Shane Allison presents bedtime reading for gay couples. Filled with romance, passion and lust, »Afternoon Pleasures« offers irresistible homoerotic fun while celebrating the coming together of souls as well as bodies. Two traveling husbears meet a willing twink in Jeff Mann's »One Afternoon in the Bible Belt«. A sneaky environmentalist gets sandwiched between hedonistic mountain men in Bob Vickery's »Loggers«. Two partners share a leisurely Sunday morning with scintillating surprises in Hank Edwards's »Breakfast in Bed«. And Bob Rosen's »Skyrockets in Flight« is particularly delicious with naughty bits in every line. These are just a few of the tawdry stories of male on male sex that grace the pages of this anthology. So lie back with the one you love or the one you lust after and enjoy. Clothing is optional.
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