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Delilah Devlin (ed.): Girls Who Bite

Delilah Devlin (ed.): Girls Who Bite

Lesbian Vampire Erotica, € 17.95
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Cleis - Lesbian Vampire Erotica
With »Girls Who Bite«, the editor delivers a sexy, wild and wet collection of sapphic bloodlust. Readers can sink their teeth into it every night. The female vampire is the ultimate bad girl - even the word »vampire« invokes images of dark, shadowy liaisons, forbidden desires and sensual bloodlust. Whether depicting a traditional blood-drinker seducing a meal, a psychic vampire stealing the life-force of an unknowing host, or a real-life sanguinarian seeking a partner to share a ritual bloodletting, the stories in »Girls Who Bite« are a sensual surprise. In »La Caída«, a Mexican »salt-eater« saves a fallen angel and redeems her own soul. In »Bloody Wicked«, a powerful witch casts a spell to ensnare a love slave - with surprising results. Through »Pet Door«, a shape-shifting vampire meets the dominatrix of her dreams.
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