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Jay Michaelson: God vs. Gay?

Jay Michaelson: God vs. Gay?

The Religious Case for Equality. USA 2012, 212 pp., brochure,  24.95
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The myth that the bible forbids homosexuality - the myth of »God vs. Gay« - is behind some of the most divisive and painful conflicts of our day. Scholar and activist Jay Michaelson shows that not only does the bible not prohibit same-sex intimacy, but the vast majority of its teachings support the full equality and dignity of gay and lesbian people, from the first flaw it find in creation to the way religious communities grow through reflection and conscience. Religious people should support equality for gays and lesbians - not despite their religion, but because of it. With close readings of the Hebrew bible and New Testament, the latest data on the science of sexual orientation, and an ecumenical approach, the author makes the case that sexual diversity is part of natural beauty.
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