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Ken Setterington: Mom and Mum are Getting Married

Ken Setterington: Mom and Mum are Getting Married

USA 2004, 24 S., Bilderbuch mit englischem Text, Broschur,  18.95
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Rosie's two mothers are going to get married. When Mom tells her daughter about their plans, the youngster asks if she can be a bridesmaid or a flower girl, but Mom just wants a small celebration. Rosie offers another option: she and her brother, Jack, will carry the rings. Predictably, when the big day arrives, the rings are temporarily misplaced (by the couple). Rosie comes up with a solution to prevent them from getting lost a second time, and the wedding comes off without a hitch. »A perfect day,« says Mum. The ink-and-colored pencil drawings are somewhat flat but colorful.
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