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Lesléa Newman: The Boy Who Cried Fabulous

Lesléa Newman: The Boy Who Cried Fabulous

USA 2007, 32 S., Bilderbuch mit englischem Text, Broschur,  9.99
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Roger, a quirky, enthusiastic boy, is fascinated by the world around him. On the way to school, the clothes in a shop window catch his eye and he stops to exclaim over everything in the »fabulous« store. When he arrives late, his teacher yells at him, admonishing him to go straight home at the end of the day. Roger tries to obey, but he finds more »fabulous« things to shout about and doesn't get there until after dark. His parents are at a loss and end up sending him to bed and banning the word »fabulous« from the household. Roger wants to abide by their wishes, but during a family trip into town he is swept away by »a world too wondrous to ignore« and, in turn, leads the adults on a rollicking, adjective-filled journey through the streets until they come to understand and appreciate their »fabulous« son. Set several decades in the past, this silly but entertaining story is told in lilting rhyme and accompanied by expressive paintings rendered in subdued colors. Roger, with his red hair, eager face, and exuberant personality, fits right into the old-fashioned setting depicted in the artwork.
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