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Garth Maxwell (R): When Love Comes

Garth Maxwell (R): When Love Comes

NZ 1998, OF, 94 min.,  29.99
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»When Love Comes« is set against an exciting, urban lifestyle, where creative energy runs rampant and illicit substances fuel the artistic juices, where sex is always available, but love is elusive: Six friends, three kinds of love. In this cutting-edge drama from award-winning New Zealand filmmaker Garth Maxwell (Jack Be Nimble), washed up singer Katie struggles to create a new life for herself while coping with yearning admirer Eddie. Katie lives with her best friend, Stephen, who's in love with sexually confused ex-hustler Mark. Meanwhile, uninhibited band members Fig and Sally yearn for success - and each other! Funny, touching, and insightful, this honest and sometimes twisted tale exposes the complication brought about by love, friendship, and desire - not necessarily in that order.
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