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Sarah Schulman: The Mere Future

Sarah Schulman: The Mere Future

USA 2011, 183 pp., brochure,  16.95
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Arsenal Pulp Press
From the nation that elected Barack Obama in the flames of economic disaster comes the first novel of the New Era, »The Mere Future«, by award-winning novelist, activist, and playwright Sarah Schulman. In this dystopian vision, New York City has morphed into an idealized version of itself, the result of what the newly elected mayor calls »The Big Change«. Rent is cheap, homelessness is over, and everyone works in Marketing. Despite the utopian surface, however, there is a disturbing malaise that infects the population. Our heroine, a lowly copywriter, and her girlfriend Nadine just want to fall in love all over again, but can't help noticing that the social packaging may not be recyclable. Calling on all genres - literary fiction, mystery, fantasy, poetry, and stand-up comedy - Schulman invents a literature that reflects the lives we live right now while being funny, sexy, and open-hearted.
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