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Christopher Pierce (ed.): I Like to Watch

Christopher Pierce (ed.): I Like to Watch

Gay Erotic Stories. USA 2011, 176 pp., brochure,  13.49
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The dance between the viewer and the viewed fuels the stories of »I Like to Watch«, an anthology of gay erotica for voyeurs and exhibitionists. In the words of the editor, »the possibilities are as varied as the individuals who have watched and performed this ritual since the first Cro-Magnon man accidentally saw two men getting it on and decided to stay and watch the show«. Pierce has assembled stellar contributors including Shane Allison, T. Hitman, Jeff Mann, Rob Rosen, and more in this collection devoted to spying, ogling, teasing, flaunting, and showing off for a lover or a stranger. Every exhibitionist needs a voyeur — and in the intimately charged scenarios of »I Like to Watch«, the special thrill of getting caught is as much fun as completely shedding one's inhibitions.
Schwul > Erotica
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