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Terry E. Hill: Come Sunday Morning

Terry E. Hill: Come Sunday Morning

USA 2011, 298 pp., brochure, € 12.79
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Hezekiah T. Cleaveland is the handsome charismatic pastor of New Testament Cathedral in Los Angeles. His beautiful wife, Reverend Samantha Cleaveland, is the power behind Hezekiah and his megachurch, running their national TV ministry with a firm hand. The problem is that she's tired of living in her husband's shadow. When Hezekiah meets Danny St. John, who opens up Hezekiah to the underworld of being »on the down-low«, they fall in love. But Hezekiah has to grapple with the conflict between his religious beliefs and this unlikely love. Moreover, Samantha has her own secret lover, Reverend Willie Mitchell, also Hezekiah's biggest nemesis, who's in cahoots with her to take over Hezekiah's church. An unscrupulous reporter learns of Hezekiah's secret relationship, and sees it as a big opportunity.
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