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Roland Tec (R): All the Rage

Roland Tec (R): All the Rage

USA 2003, DVD engl. OF, engl. UT, € 0.00
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When I took the »All the Rage« DVD home with me I thought I knew what I was up to. I sat back and expected to be entertained. I was prepared to watch some misconceptions and stereotypes about the gay community being displayed - maybe being made fun of. It seemed as if I wouldn't be disappointed when the whole thing started: Boston today, Christopher Bedford (superbly played by newcomer John-Michael Lander) is clearly a member of the gay urban »A-list«: gorgeous, intelligent, oversexed, with a great career as a downtown attorney and a hot gym sculpted body. His social life consists of working out to maintain his sculpted physique, kiss-and-telling with his other queenish friends. At night, he's combing the gay meat markets looking for the new beefcake of the day - the names of whom fill up his prized black box. He's a master at brushing men off, once he had them. But the endless circuit of one-night stands is weighing on Christopher, and he's beginning to fancy falling in love. Christopher sets his attentions on a man who is not at all his usual type. Stewart, a gentle, soft-bodied book editor who got his heart badly broken by an ex-lover, is reluctant to get involved right away. Still, Christopher's courtship melts Stewart's resistance, and soon the two are an item. Christopher blows it all by having a fling with Stewart's roommate Kenny, who was his long-smoldering attraction at the gym and whose endowments are of the stuff regional legends are made of. Christopher has to pay for this sin by having a one-night stand and potentially murderous situation with an obsessive psycho type whom he doesn't even realize he's had sex with before. »All the Rage« - based on Roland Tec's stage play »A Better Boy« - enables us to have a look through the saccharine veneer of a gay man who seems to have it all. It does it with smart dialogue and sharp performances. Some scenes - especially those documentary-like ones showing Christopher, mostly naked, confessing what he wants in a man - offer a disturbing insight into this man's real inner life that has already been emptied to such an extent he's become unable to face or rethink the realities of his life. Although the whole movie starts out sort of a satire on gay life it leaves the viewer disturbed in the end. The message is made quite clear: the main character can't find Mr. Right, because he's got his priorities all wrong. He's much too absorbed by his own perfection to open himself up to a caring, honest relationship. Still, - I tend to think - Tec's first feature film is a significant gift to gay culture, a critique of a certain kind of behavior delivered without hostility and without stinting on its entertainment value. As much as some of us might resent them, we don't mind looking at some of these perfect physical specimens. By making us gently aware of our pleasure, and therefore our complicity in this culture, »All the Rage« underscores the essential humanity we share with its characters. (Jürgen empfiehlt, Sommer Katalog 2004, Titel nicht mehr lieferbar)
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