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Richard Stevenson: Cockeyed

Richard Stevenson: Cockeyed

A Donald Strachey Mystery, Vol.11. USA 2010, 217 pp., brochure,  16.95
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When Hunny »You go, girl!« Van Horn, Albany's most flaming working-class flamer, wins the state lottery's first billion-dollar payout, his chaotic life gets even messier. He wasn't fitting into the »norm« of the gay community before that, and he doesn't afterwards. And, now, he becomes the target of various shady characters from his past, as well as right wing fanatics seeking to cast the LGBT community in a negative light. It's Private Investigator Donald Strachey who's brought in to deal with the skeletons tumbling out of Hunny's non-closet, some violent. The eleventh Strachey novel is part mystery, part screwball comedy, and entirely serious in its exploration of multiple ways of being gay in America.
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