Löwenherz - die Buchhandlung in Wien. Fachbuchhandlung mit schwulem und lesbischem Sortiment.
Ken Russell (R): The Music Lovers

Ken Russell (R): The Music Lovers

UK 1970, OF, 118 min.,  24.99
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Composer Peter Tchaikovsky (Richard Chamberlain) abandons his intimate friend, Count Chiluvsky, when Madame von Meck sponsors him after she hears him perform his First Piano Concerto. A tortured man, unhappy except in his music, Tchaikovsky marries Nina Milukova, a passionate, neurotic girl. When he is unable to fulfill the demands of matrimony, his tensions become so great that he attempts suicide and has a nervous breakdown. Nina's world also falls apart, and she deteriorates into madness and ends in an asylum. Tchaikovsky recuperates at a country estate of Madame von Meck. The two correspond, but never meet. At a great party, which she gives in his honor Count Chiluvsky tells Madame von Meck the truth about Tchaikovsky. She immediately severs all connections with the composer.
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