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Christopher Rice: The Moonlit Earth

Christopher Rice: The Moonlit Earth

USA 2011, 362 pp., Pb, € 15.95
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Christopher Rice now returns with a psychological thriller about a young woman who must act to save her brother's reputation and life when he is accused of being involved in a terrorist event. When Megan and Cameron Reynolds's father walked out on their mother, they forged an unbreakable bond. But life intervenes, and the siblings go separate ways. At 30, faced with disappointments in career and romance, Megan returns to the safety of Cathedral Beach, the home of her mother. Cameron worries that his sister will lose herself around their mother's frivolous life, but Megan worries more about her brother. His care-free charm, which makes him popular, could lead him into danger. When a bomb goes off in a high-end hotel in Hong Kong, security-camera footage appears on TV showing two men escaping: one is Cameron. On her journey to save her brother's life, Megan uncovers a trail of secrets and intrigue.
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