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Haley Walsh: Foxe Tail

Haley Walsh: Foxe Tail

A Skyler Foxe Mystery (I). USA 2010, 267pp., brochure,  15.29
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Young. Gay. Teaches High School. Solves crimes - what's up with that? Skyler Foxe is a brand new English teacher in his hometown of Redlands, California. He loves literature, loves his students, loves his friends, especially his best friend Detective Sidney Feldman. But he doesn't love keeping his sexual orientation a secret, afraid of the backlash in this conservative county. But will murder thrust him into the unwanted limelight? Who killed his principal's son outside a gay dance club? And what's the connection to James Polk High? Is the macho football coach or his mysterious and gorgeous new assistant coach involved? Can Skyler trust anyone at the high school when there seems to be conspiracies around every corner?
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