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K. G. MacGregor: Mother Load

K. G. MacGregor: Mother Load

Book 4 in The Shaken Series. USA 2010, 217pp., brochure, € 13.49
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An earthquake didn't break them. Old demons only tested and deepened their commitment. Even a four-year-old couldn't tear them apart. Now Anna and Lily Kaklis embrace a new adventure: adding to their family. As usual, the timing couldn't be better. Lily's only involved in the most important case of her career, and Anna's struggling to keep her auto empire above water in the sinking economy. It'll be easy to fit in trips to the fertility clinic, right? What Anna knows is she's no longer afraid of parenting and their adopted son Andy deserves siblings ... whether he thinks so or not. But when Lily's pregnancy faces complications, it's a tumultuous journey as they test their understanding of love in brand new ways. The 4th tale of two women who discover that real love has no limitations.
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