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Michael Salvatore: Between Boyfriends

Michael Salvatore: Between Boyfriends

USA 2010, 325 pp., brochure,  14.95
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Single, slightly neurotic Steven B. Ferrante loves his sharp-tongued, loyal friends, his chaotic job as producer for the daytime soap »If Tomorrow Never Comes«, and his crazy Sicilian mother, not necessarily in that order. Yet at 33, his life is a little like the peppermint mocha coffee drinks that are his favorite indulgence - fun, frothy, but only superficially satisfying. Four years after his boyfriend kicked him to the curb, Steven is still trying to find a replacement. There's been no shortage of casual couplings and one night (or less) stands, but while other body parts are catered to, his heart still wants something more. Someone to share sexy Sunday mornings and shopping trips to buy unnecessary kitchen appliances. Somebody to love. And maybe he's finally found it.
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