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William J. Mann: Object of Desire

William J. Mann: Object of Desire

USA 2010, 426pp., brochure, € 14.95
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Danny Fortunato seemed to have it all. He was cute, funny, smart - the hottest go-go boy in West Hollywood. When he danced on stage, all eyes were upon him and all men desired him. But something always kept Danny from ever really believing he was the golden boy that others said he was: a secret that he'd carried with him ever since he was a teenager. 20 years later, living in Palm Springs, Danny is celebrating his 41st birthday. But he is in no mood for celebrating. To the outside world, he's still golden, and he still love his boyfriend Frank. He's missing passion, romance, and adventure. Now into Danny's life walks a gorgeous young bartender named Kelly, who becomes for Danny an obsession, an object of desire and fascination. But Kelly's indifference to this one-time golden boy only confirms what Danny secretly believes: he's »vanishing« into thin air like his sister years ago.
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