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E. Lynn Harris: In My Father's House

E. Lynn Harris: In My Father's House

USA 2010, 297pp., hardbound,  22.69
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Only the world's most beautiful models make the roster of Picture Perfect Modeling agency, and they only do shoots for the most elite photographers and magazines. They are fashionista royalty - and the owners, Bentley Dean and his beautiful partner, Alexandra, know it. But even Picture Perfect isn't immune from hard times, so when Sterling Sneed, a rich celebrity party planner, promises to pay a ludicrously high fee for some models, Bentley finds he can't refuse, even though the job is not exactly a photo shoot. He agrees to supply 15 gorgeous models as eye candy for an A-list event, with instructions to look good, be charming, and, well, entertain the guests. His models are pros. So he thinks. Until one drops out and Bentley asks his protégé, a handsome kid whom Bentley treats as if he were his own son.
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