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Kenna White: Comfortable Distance

Kenna White: Comfortable Distance

USA 2009, 271pp., brochure,  13.79
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Dana Robbins needs a vacation from her girlfriend - and her life. Used to working out her problems in her work, the successful syndicated cartoonist plans a solo summer vacation on a houseboat, hopeful that the separation will resolve her doubts about her future with Shannon. But Shannon's frequent calls demanding some resolution only heighten her turmoil. Marine Biologist Dr. Jamie Hughes sees Puget Sound in ways few people do. The hours she spends diving its depths and running her laboratory absorb all her focus and time. When Jamie meets the obviously distressed Dana at a friend's, she offers her scientific detachment to help Dana sort through her problems. Worrying about Dana's present is easier than examining her own past. But as the summer heats up, the distance between Dana and Jamie is anything but comfortable.