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Stephen McCauley: Insignificant Others

Stephen McCauley: Insignificant Others

USA 2010, 245 pp., hardbound, € 23.95
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What do you do when you discover your spouse has an insignificant other? How about when you realize your own insignificant other is becoming more significant than your spouse? Richard Rossi works in HR at a touchy-feely software company and prides himself on his understanding of the foibles and fictions we all use to get through the day. Too bad he's not as good at spotting such behavior in himself. What else could explain his passionate affair with Benjamin, a very unavailable married man? Richard suggests birthday presents for Benjamin's wife and vacation plans for his kids, meets him for »lunch« at a sublet apartment, and would never think about calling him after business hours. Since Richard isn't entirely available himself - there's his adorable if maddening partner Conrad - it all seems perfect.
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