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Patrick Gale: Gentleman's Relish

Patrick Gale: Gentleman's Relish

UK 2009, 264 pp., hardbound,  20.99
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Patrick Gale's new collection of stories combines wit and poignancy to illuminate experiences both common and uncommon. Love (and loathing) within families are dissected: a father makes an unexpected discovery about his son which is too hard to cope with. A son wreaks revenge through the power of cookery. Three generations of the same family gain freedom through the years in a once-despised caravan. A bored wife finds happiness when an old lag teaches her the art of angling. A dog-training lesson with a puppy who hasn't grasped the meaning of obedience leads to the discovery of a murder. Here too are music and silence: the sweetness and sadness of Festivals, of the church, and of the control exercised by those in charge in small communities. What unites these stories, though, is their humour, compassion, and hope.
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