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Ellen Lewin: Gay Fatherhood

Ellen Lewin: Gay Fatherhood

Narratives of Family and Citizenship in America. USA 2009, 232 pp., brochure,  33.89
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More and more gay men are becoming parents. This book presents an in-depth look at the experiences of this surprisingly overlooked group, and a somewhat unexpected dimension of contemporary U.S. gay culture. The author takes as her focus people who undertake the difficult process of becoming fathers as gay men, rather than having become fathers while married to women. These men face many challenges in their quest for fatherhood, overcoming unique bureaucratic and financial hurdles as they pursue adoption or surrogacy and juggling questions about their future child's race, age, sex, and health. This book chronicles the lives of these men, exploring how they cope with political attacks from both the Right and the Left - while also shedding light on the evolving meanings of family in 21st-century America.
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