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Bob Smith: Selfish & Perverse

Bob Smith: Selfish & Perverse

USA 2009, 376pp., brochure, € 14.79
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Nelson Kunker is a TV script supervisor whose life in L.A. has come to a halt because he's unable to finish the novel he's writing, doesn't have a boyfriend, and at the pivotal age of 34 has reached the juncture where he has to decide whether he's really talented of just gay. Then one day he meets Roy Briggs, a part-time salmon fisherman/ full-time arhaeology student visiting from Alaska. When Nelson attempts to make small talk with the handsome Roy, his obscure reference to a haunting story about bowhead whales startles the science nerd in both men into suspecting they might be soul mates. Unfortunately Nelson also discovers his soul is a bit of a tramp when he also meets the guest-host of that week's show, the surprisingly bookish movie star Dylan Fabizak.
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