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Edmund White: Rimbaud

Edmund White: Rimbaud

The Double Life of a Rebel. UK 2009, 192 pp., brochure,  19.95
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Poet and prodigy Arthur Rimbaud led a life that was tragically brief, but just as dramatically eventful and accomplished. His long poem »A Season in Hell« and his collection »Illuminations« are essential to the modern canon. Having sworn off writing at 21, Rimbaud drifted around the world from scheme to scheme, ultimately dying from an infection contracted while running guns in Africa when he was 37. Biographer Edmund White delves deep into the young poet's relationships with his family, his teachers, and his notorious homosexual affair with the more established, older poet Paul Verlaine. He follows the preoccupation with sexual taboo that haunts Rimbaud's works, offering incisive interpretations of the poems and his own translations to bring us closer to this mercurial poet.
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