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Carl Patrick: Netherhall Gardens

Carl Patrick: Netherhall Gardens

UK 2008, 263 pp., brochure,  13.99
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First visit to Netherhall Gardens? Meet handsome trainee accountant Mark. He's friends with beautiful petite Stella. Her sister Iris can't abide Stella's lawyer boyfriend Hugh. He doesn't at all like the sound of Mark. He discovers his sexuality with leather-loving policemen Steve. Steve's ex-boyfriend Glen is a security guard with a closely guarded secret that, once unleashed, unravels a very tangled web among the marijuana-fuelled denizens of leafy Hampstead. And meet New Yorker Laura who teaches playboy Patrick to play the flute and runs an illegal escort agency on the side which sends pot-head Pierre to meet the kinky German couple who have a deadly compulsion that has near fatal consequences for Mark. Finally, feel the panic as London's gay community is gripped by a series of bizarre sexual murders.
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