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William Sutcliffe: Whatever Makes You Happy

William Sutcliffe: Whatever Makes You Happy

UK 2009, 295 pp., brochure,  29.95
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Matt, Daniel and Paul were childhood friends. Now in their 30s, they've lost touch and have only one thing in common: mothers. Little do they know that, having spent a cardless Mother's Day discussing how their emotionally dysfunctional offspring should be settling down, Carol, Gillian and Helen have decided to pay their wayward sons a visit. Now it's time their 34-year-old sons start to act like mature grownups. On the same day, they turn up on their sons' doorstep, uninvited and unannounced. And if their sons aren't going to get with the program on their own, it's high time for a little maternal nudging. Each son has problems: Daniel has just been through a bad breakup and can think of few things worse than his mother, Gillian, nagging him about his bachelor state. Paul, Helen's son, has never come out to her even though she knows he's gay. Carol's son, Matt, seems stuck in a life as shallow and glossy as Balls!-the magazine he works for.