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Bruce Reis, Robert Grossmark (eds.): Heterosexual Masculinities

Bruce Reis, Robert Grossmark (eds.): Heterosexual Masculinities

Contemporary Perspectives from Psychoanalytic Gender Theory. USA/UK 2009, 268 pp., brochure,  59.95
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In recent years there have been substantial changes in approaches to how genders are made and what functions genders fulfill. Most of the scholarly focus in this areas of feminist, gay, and lesbian studies, and heterosexual masculinity - which tended to be defined by lack and absence - has not received the critical and scholarly attention these other areas have received. The contributions in this book rethink a psychoanalytic tradition that has long thought masculinity as a sort of brittle defense against femininity, softness, and emotionality. Reflecting current trends in psychoanalytic thinking, the contributors seek to understand heterosexual masculinity as fluid, multiple, and emergent. They take new perspectives on relations between men, men's position as fathers in relation to their sons and daughters, the clinical encounter with heterosexual men, the social contexts of masculinity, and the multiplicity of heterosexual masculine subjectivities.