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Gary Zebrun: Only the Lonely

Gary Zebrun: Only the Lonely

USA 2008, 207 pp., brochure,  13.95
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Asim Zahid is headed to the University of Michigan, ready to bust out of Lackawanna, a rundown steel town outside of Buffalo, New York. But his dream of a bright future is derailed when his father dies and leaves behind two last wishes: to keep open the cherished Bethlehem Theater and to befriend Sonia, the old man's longtime mistress, now sick with Parkinson's disease. What binds the three together is their passion for celluloid dreams that swirl across the screen inside the movie house. Soon there's another reason for the restless son to stay in Lackawanna - an Irish redhead named Billy, who's been flirting with Asim from the window of the Pig Iron Pub across the street from the theater. Asim wonders whether he might be happy in Lackawanna after all, until he discovers his brother is headed off to some kind of training camp in Afghanistan. And it's the year 2001.
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