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Brad Nichols (ed.): Best Gay Love Stories 2009

Brad Nichols (ed.): Best Gay Love Stories 2009

USA 2009, 227 pp., brochure, € 14.79
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True love is unforgettable. Once it comes into our lives, it shapes us in ways we could not have possibly foreseen. In this latest volume of the hit Best Gay series, take a look at some of the greatest love stories of 2009. Life might not always end with riding into the sunset with the perfect prince, but it certainly begins the second you experience raw emotions with the man of your dreams. The short stories selected in this anthology have one thing in common: open hearts. The writers have left their hearts out on the table for us to read and inspect. Kenn Dahll deals with a situation when someone is »Not Looking for Love«. Marcus James goes into »The Temptation of Flesh«. John Holten's story shows us that there's always »Two Sides to Every Story«. Jay Starre, Lawrence Schimel and Simon Sheppard also contributed to this gay love anthology.
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