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Fiona Zedde: Hungry for It

Fiona Zedde: Hungry for It

USA 2008, 300 pp., brochure,  13.29
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Rémi Bouchard has enjoyed more than her share of delicious trysts amidst the seductive sounds and glittering lights of South Beach. With good looks, limitless sex appeal, and the wealth and popularity that comes from owning the city's hottest jazz bar and restaurant, Rémi can seduce just about anyone she wants. But lately, the allure of wild one-night stands and no-strings flings is starting to wear thin. Rémi craves something more, and what Rémi wants, Rémi gets. At her best friend's wedding, Rémi looks across the crowd and finds exactly what she's been searching for: an intense, soul-searing connection. Now, Rémi engages in a tantalizing dance of seduction. But passion this deep has its dangers - especially when it means falling in love with the one person who should be off limits.
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