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William Countryman, M. Ritley: Gifted by Otherness

William Countryman, M. Ritley: Gifted by Otherness

USA 2001, 164 pp., brochure, € 21.89
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Gay and lesbian christians are in the awkward position of trying to explain themselves to two mutually hostile audiences. On the one side, the G&L community is often deeply suspicious of anyone connected with christianity. On the other side sits the church, which often wishes that gays and lesbians would go away, or at least disappear into the woodwork quietly. But the G&L community has a unique vocation in today's church, one of challenging the church to be inclusive of all god's children - the central message of the gospel. Based on retreats they have presented to churches and seminaries, the authors explores what it means to affirm, not merely accept, being gay or lesbian, as well as christian. This pro-active and self-affirming book provides new hope for parts of the lesbigay community, their families, and their communities, confidently appropriating and re-telling the biblical story of this gifted minority's spiritual journey.
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