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Thorsten Opper: Hadrian - Empire & Conflict

Thorsten Opper: Hadrian - Empire & Conflict

USA 2008, 256 pp., hardbound,  26.89
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Harvard University Press
Even in the panoply of Roman history, Hadrian stands out. Emperor from 117 to 138 AD, he was at once a benevolent ruler and a ruthless military leader, known for his restless and ambitious nature, his interest in architecture, and his passion for Greek culture. Illustrated with key works of art and objects, sculptures, bronzes, coins and medals, drawings, and watercolors from museums around the globe, this biography conveys a vivid sense of the world Hadrian inhabited. The biographer shows the emperor from many angles — as a complex individual, as a military leader and strategist, as the amateur architect who created magnificent buildings such as his villa at Tivoli (an empire in miniature), as the lover who deified his male lover Antinous after his mysterious death in the Nile, and, finally, as the traveler who tirelessly roamed his empire and its boundaries.
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