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Richard Labonté (ed.): Bears

Richard Labonté (ed.): Bears

USA 2008, 229 pp., brochure, € 19.95
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Bears in nature are notorious for their appetites, and the men of »Bears« are equally voracious, devouring every beefy hunk in sight. These uninhibited symbols of blue-collar butchness put all their larger-than-life attributes - hairy flesh, big bellies, massive arms, tree-trunk thighs, and that other party-size accoutrement - to work in these close encounters of the furry kind. The »teddy bears' picnic« becomes an S/M potluck play party in »Mr. Bear's Birthday Bash«. In »Bear-Assed«, a West Hollywood boytoy meets a Russian River daddy bear who teaches him the pleasures of bearlove and serves him porridge. »Bears« takes you deep inside the world of these manliest of men (and their cub counterparts), as they romp and rage from woodland orgies to urban lust-fests.
Schwul > Erotica
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