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Kim Baldwin: Focus of Desire

Kim Baldwin: Focus of Desire

USA 2008, 240 pp., brochure,  12.99
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There are times when a picture doesn't just say it all, it changes everything. Isabel Sterling isn't even aware she has been entered in the »Watch Your Dreams Come True« contest, so it comes as a complete surprise to learn she has won a makeover she doesn't want or need, plus a chance to appear on the cover of a national magazine she's never read along with an all-expense paid trip for two to exotic locales. Photographer Natasha Kashnikova is a cynical celebrity playgirl who is barreling toward full midlife-crisis mode when she agrees to take on the »Sophisticated Women« shoot as a favor for a friend. Kash is convinced that every woman who shows an interest in her has ulterior motives, so love is not on her agenda - and certainly not with some naïve romantic during an assignment from hell.