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Wendy Caster: The New Lesbian Sex Book

Wendy Caster: The New Lesbian Sex Book

USA 2008, 234 pp., brochure,  18.49
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»The New Lesbian Sex Book« includes interviews and tips from over 30 women who discuss their lives and experiences in extreme and honest detail. The author continues her expedition into the art of lesbian love-making. In this edition, updated for a new generation of lovers and the sexually liberated, you'll find advice on every topic from anal sex to role-playing to vaginal orgasms, and more. With no assumptions or limits on experience or definition of »sex« or the label of »lesbian«, this is an open, friendly, informative, and accessible guide to sex and sexual techniques in all their glory. Wendy Caster is responsible for columns, articles, reviews, and interviews that have been published in several magazines. And she appeared in several anthologies, too.