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Paul Trynka: Iggy Pop - Open up and Bleed

Paul Trynka: Iggy Pop - Open up and Bleed

USA 2007, 373 pp., hardbound, € 19.99
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At the end of the 1960s, Jim Osterberg, a charming, hyperintelligent, ambitious boy from a Michigan trailer park , teamed up with two miscreant brothers to form the band »The Stooges«, single-handedly presaging the entire punk, new wave, metal, and alternative rock movements. His alter ego, Iggy Pop, perhaps the greatest rock front man and gender-bending sex icon ever, was exalted with unbridled enthusiasm on the one hand yet reviled as an abject failure, a joke, and a loser on the other. A true survivor, Iggy Pop is today a respected elder statesman of rock, known as the »Godfather of Punk«, but his road was famously brutal. But Paul Trynka also sheds light upon the relationship of this outlandish child-man with his enigmatic friend and mentor David Bowie.
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