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Juan Bonilla: The Nubian Prince

Juan Bonilla: The Nubian Prince

USA 2007, 259 pp., brochure, € 12.39
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After giving up the thankless life of a do-gooder, Moisés Froissard now travels the world, saves lives, and makes more money in a week than he would in a year helping the poor. Moisés is a scout for the Club Olympus, the world's most refined and expensive sex club. His task is to follow the currents of poverty and disaster in search of illegal immigrants, refugees, and other unfortunates, and rescue the most beautiful among them - men, women, and children - for highly paid careers as prostitutes. His search for the most coveted prize, a young fighter from the Sudan known as the Nubian Prince, will bring him up against the most savage forces of the underground economy, threatening his safety as well as his fragile conscience.
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