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Christopher Rice: Light Before Day

Christopher Rice: Light Before Day

USA 2007, 472 pp., Pb, € 14.95
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26-year-old journalist Adam Murphy is chasing a career-making story when he is suspiciously fired by the magazine that employs him. Scarred by the failure of a recent relationship, and haunted by the violent death of his alcoholic mother, Adam finds himself cut adrift in West Hollywood. Determined to expose the facts behind the suicide of the Marine pilot, he discovers that the estranged lover has vanished without a trace, and that his disappearance matches several other recent missing persons cases. Working with his new boss, James Wilton - a famously curmudgeonly mystery novelist who's eager for a new case to write about - Adam begins to suspect a serial killer is preying on the city's young gay men. Adam and James enter a labyrinth that leads to the darkest core of the human heart - uncovering a conspiracy so extraordinary that it threatens both their sanity and their lives.
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