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Carrie Jones: Tips on Having a Gay (Ex) Boyfriend

Carrie Jones: Tips on Having a Gay (Ex) Boyfriend

USA 2007, 283 pp., hardback, € 15.69
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Senior Belle Philbrick is known as one half of her rural Maine high school's most established couples. Everyone in town just assumes that she and Dylan will get married after college. When he confesses to her that he is gay, Belle doesn't know how to react. She wants to be there for him, the boy who had been her best friend for longer than they had been lovers, but his coming out is devastating for her. She knows that being an openly gay student in her small school is not going to be easy for Dylan. However, she didn't realize how difficult it would be to be known as his former girlfriend. Soon, Belle, too, is the target of stares and taunts and, as she tries to get through that first week after their breakup, she finds support from an unexpected ally who seems to offer a new chance at romance.
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