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Jörg Meyer-Böthling: Micki Sighs in the Desert

Jörg Meyer-Böthling: Micki Sighs in the Desert

D 2007, 80 S., geb., € 16.40
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The newest comic star Micki can't stop thinking about his encounter with a mysterious Tuareg. In the searing heat of the Sahara desert a young German member of the Paris-Dakar rallye completely lost contact with his crew because he couldn't resist a Mardi Gras Parade in Adrar, Algeria. While searching the endless dunes Micki meets the mysterious Tuareg and has phenomenal sex with him. But, unfortunately, the Tuareg goes lost. And, so Micki goes on an arduous search for him through the Sahara. On his journey he stumbles from one sexual adventure into the next. But no valley is wide enough and no mountain is high enough to keep him from finding his true love. Micki's touching naivité and his sex appeal help him master even the diciest of situations.
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