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Rick Copp: Fingerprints and Facelifts

Rick Copp: Fingerprints and Facelifts

USA 2007, 280 pp., hardbound,  20.89
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From the author of the gay »Actor's Guide« series a new book about a private detective agency run by three very differnt little girls: Tess Monahan, a sexy, wild, free spirit, and Dani Mendez, the sharp, focused, true leader, have gathered at the home of their former partner, Claire Walker-Corley for the marriage of Claire's son. Tess is her usual sexual live-wire self with a Brazilian boy-toy in tow. Dani has just unceremoniously passed over as Chief of the San Francisco PD where the young cops dare to call her »Mom«. And Claire has become a loyal suburban wife and mother. But with all of their differences and old grudges intact, they still have a tight bond, when someone starts targeting their children. It's time they join forces again. Someone from their past is out to make them pay at last.
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